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The design concept comes from 1950s to 1960s of Hong Kong. During the period, the main and narrow streets are vibrant, filled with all kinds of shops and their colorful storefronts. Since there were no mega department shops, each shop had its own unique style and feel. The true and authentic Hong Kong style was born in those days. The interior designer is inspired by this period of time and used it as design concept. At the shop front, designer have thoughtfully curated an original 60s motorcycle to bring back good old memories for customers. In addition, the designer used external white paint for the exterior shop front to mimic the minimal and basic finishes in the 60s. Also it makes the neon light box ever more standout. Upon entry, you will notice the layout is a product of much thought.  The designer has utilized trays previously used for a tofu stand which now substitute as display shelves. Atop these shelves, are an antique thermos and fan produced in 1960s. The feeling of nostalgia emanating from these  antiques are in no doubt as strong as the antiques themselves. 


In terms of the graphics of the LOGO, the Chinese and English characters are round and cursive; it is like when frozen yogurt are squeezed and served from the machine.   When the LOGO is being developed, the designer used square frames, and within the frame, designer experiment and established many circular lines.  For the Chinese LOGO, the word "Xi", also known as "happiness", the shape took form like a smiling face, a smile that is from tasting the sweetness of frozen yogurt. For the English LOGO, the graphics are drawn tilted or italics, brining out the feminine feeling.