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Chinese ink painting has a "blank" spirit, the screen will remain blank as appropriate to give the picture of meaning environment and imagination. Designers hope to put the ink painting "blank" spirit into its design. While the client has a collection of Chinese paintings, the designers in order to create a spirit of serene minimalist space to bring out painting mood.


The tone of the whole house is in white, brown as deputy. Brown tiles like rice paper, furniture like screen body, white walls like the “blank” which makes it swipes like painting on paper, echoing the theme. Minimal is the main design style throughout the whole project. In order to achieve the function of both design and function, a lot of places have been made into storage, in order to meet owner's need. The minimalist style applied to the very last detail of the whole design.



The project is located in Mid-Levels where natural light is abundant. The interior designer wants to bring in more natural light by combining with curved wall; it is like air flowing and distributing light to every corner of the house.  The curved wall design interacts and unites well with the natural lighting soaking into the house; it is like breathing and giving live to the house.